Monday, 11 August 2014

My Garden's looking Rosy

Sorry, no card today...

Hi everyone, I hope that you're all  safe and well and that this terrible wind and rain haven't 
caused too much damage. We have lost a couple of fences but I'd say we've been pretty 
lucky after seeing some of the damage this storms created in other parts of the UK.
Well as my heading say's "Sorry, no card today" I've been a little too busy to get any crafting 
done but I'm hoping to have a little time to myself tonight to play with some new images.
I would also like to share with you a few pictures of some of the Begonia's I have in hanging 
baskets and also my Hydrangea in the front garden. I have been feeding them with some 
feed that I bought from QVC and WOW the blooms are the size of Dinner plates lol...

These Lemon coloured Begonia's are a new variety and they smell like Melon 

These Peach coloured Begonia's are so pretty 

And just like the Begonia's, the Hydrangea just love this new liquid feed from QVC
They've never ever had blooms this size before.

They're HUGE lol

I'm off to cook dinner now so I'll catch up with you all again soon.
take care and stay safe everyone 

Huge Hugz


  1. Wow they are giants, they all look stunning xx

  2. I love your flowers, Lorraine! I remember your telling me about the Begonias when you first got them this spring. They look wonderful in hanging baskets. The pink hydrangea is gorgeous, too!! :D Thank you for the lovely pics.

    Mitzi xxx

  3. Beautiful flowers - love that peach beginia in particular - thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow beautiful flowers. Love your begonias, mine are all mauve, lemon but I think that has something to do with the soil. Not a gardener but love looking.

  5. Gorgeous flowers, your hanging baskets are beautiful!


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