Monday, 8 September 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Creative Blog Hop

Hi everyone, I was asked to take part in the Creative Bloggers Hop by the lovely 
Lisa Ditzi Horton  it's a continuous hop that will be every Monday with lots of 
amazing and very talented crafter's.

So here are the questions.

1~ What am I working on?
Well at the moment I'm working on a few things, one of which is I'm making a throw 
using a new crochet stitch that I've just learned called "The Wool Eater" I'm all fingers 
and thumbs at the moment but I just love the look that this new stitch creates. I'm also 
making some Christmas stockings, tree ornaments and cards in the hope that I'll be 
done well in time for the festivities this year, unlike last year which was a mad last 
minute rush.

2~ How does my work differ from others in my genre?
Well now this really is a difficult question for me to answer because I really don't think 
that my work differs from others in my genre. 

3~ Why do I create what I do?
Now this question is a lot easier to answer than the last, I create what I do 
because basically I just LOVE all this crafty and have done from being a 
child when I would sit with my Granny and knit and crochet from the age of 
4 or 5. I then learned how to do Macrame, lace doilies, embroidery & 
cross stitch. I also from being a toddler loved to colour and draw and 
loved getting huge boxes of crayola crayons, coloured pens & pencils and 
paint too for Christmas, I can still fondly remember sitting with a HUGE colouring
book and crayon, trying not to go over the lines lol, while watching Christmas
Time TV.

4~ How does your creative process work?
Well I don't really have a creative process as such, I often sort of just stumble
into it by playing or by sometimes finding some crafty treasure that I had long
since forgot about hidden away among my crafty stash. Sometimes when I've
lost my crafty Mojo I find inspiration on Pinterest or by popping over
to other crafter's blogs.

Now I can pick 3 wonderful crafters for next week

Linda Simpson

I have known this talented lady now for quite a while now. I just adore
her work and creativity. I met Linda through blogland but have also had
the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady whilst she was demonstrating at
the GNPE Harrogate.

Avril Watson

Like Linda I met Avril through blogland too. I absolutely love Avril's
creativity and her work is just stunning and I know that I won't be the only
person who knows this lovely lady to say that Avril you truly are an
inspiration to us all.

Cathy Rumball

Cathy and I met whilst being on the Crafter's Companion Design Team
and met last October at the Crafter's Companion's Craftaganza.
Cathy is such a lovely, gentle person and I just adore her beautiful work.

So there you have it, that's me and I hope that you've enjoyed my contribution
to the blog hop and now it's these lovely ladies turn next week.

Huge Hugz


  1. Lorraine, you have made me cry, thank you so much, will I be due to do mines next week...xxxx Love and Hugs,

  2. Aww Avril there really is no need to thank me, every word I've wrote is true....and yes if you could do yours for next week that would be great hun.
    Huge, Huge Crafty Hugz, Lorraine xxxx

  3. I enjoyed the reading looking forward............Lis

  4. Hi Lorraine, I am on holiday at the moment and will be back home on Saturday, will I be able to do mine the following Monday? Thank you so much for your kind comments, they made my day.
    Linda xxx

  5. Hi Linda, I hope that you're having a lovely holiday and I think that it would be just fine for you to do yours the following Monday hun.
    Huge, Huge, Crafty Hugz, Lorraine xxxx

    1. Bless you thank you I will get it sorted and post on the 22nd :) Thank you for nominating me too :) xxx
      Linda xxx


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