Friday, 23 January 2015

My Beautiful Surprise

My Beautiful Surprise

Hi everyone, I hope that you're all warm and well. It's been so cold here on the 
north east coast but I've been lovely and toasty since we had our new combi boiler 
installed, usually at this time of year I'm sat cuddling the fire and wrapped in in 
lots of layers, I can't believe the difference having the new boiler makes to how warm 
the house's almost like the Bahamas lol.

As some of you who know me will already know it was my Birthday on 
New Years Eve and as is usual every year I wait until all the festivities are all over with 
and then I have a quiet night out with my Hubby. Well this year was no exception, 
only unbeknown to me something rather special was winging it's way across 
the pond. A few days after my Birthday a package arrived, I opened it and was 
completely blown away by what was inside, but before I tell you what I found inside.....

After having been a huge fan of Mitzi Sato-Wiuff's breathtaking artwork for sometime and being 
asked to join her Aurora Wings Design Team, I wrote to Mitzi a little while later 
 to ask her if she would design an image for my Daughters Leanne's Birthday, 
she would have been 25 last June and we all miss her so much more than words can say.
To cut a long story short Mitzi created the most mesmerizingly 
beautiful image "Leanne's Angel"  and I was completely blown away by her....

Well back to my package, can you imagine just how speechless I was to find that   
Mitzi had sent me the original artwork that she created for 
Leanne's Angel, I really don't think that there are any words that begin to describe 
just how beautiful she is in reality. I was hoping to have her framed by now but I still haven't 
found  just the right frame and mount as yet to show off my breathtaking artwork from Mitzi.

So without further ado here she is......

Isn't she just truly stunning.

Thank you so much for my beautiful surprise gift Mitzi, I will treasure her always,
as too I will our friendship 

Huge Hugz



  1. Lorraine, what a wonderful gift she has given you. The image is just perfect, cant wait to see it in the frame. I couldn't image anything more beautiful as a birthday gift.

  2. How beautiful and what a wonderful gift!

  3. Oh wow that is amazing and such a wonderful gift. Chris xx

  4. Lorraine this is breathtakingly beautiful. Mitzi is a wonderful person and so talented. What a fabulous thing to do.
    (((((Hugs))))) xx Jan

  5. Oh my word Lorraine, this is breathtaking! Mitzi is one truly amazing, kind hearted lady as well as amazingly talented. I know that you and your hubby will treasure this fabulous gift for many years to come.
    Lots of Love and Hugs
    Linda xxxx

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  7. What a lovely surprise! Made me tear up a bit... That Mitzi sure is a treasure, isn't she?

  8. Hi Lorraine, how amazing Mitzi is, I know how you treasured the image she created for you in the first place and now to receive this is so wonderful. I am so happy for you. Hugs Janet xxx

  9. What a wonderful story and what a sweetheart for surprising you like that I am dieing to know how big the finished work is.It is stunning .........Lis

  10. Oh Lorriane! As a mother who has also lost her precious daughter, I can truly feel how wonderfully special this gift from Mitzi is for you. Leanne's Angel is so beautiful, beyond beautiful, and I'm sure you treasure her deep in your soul. I'm sure your Leanne loves it, too. How very thoughtful of Mitzi to gift her incredible talent, love and friendship. I am so happy for you. Many hugs xxxooo

  11. How amazing! A wonderful wonderful keepsake

  12. My word she sure is breathtakingly beautiful and what a special gift for you not only having this fabulous digi image but the original artwork as well. Love Chanelle xxx

  13. Oh wow, Lorraine, what a beautiful gift you got!!
    This must have been so breathtaking for you, when you opened the package!
    Such a wonderful idea from Mitzi, to give you this personal original image as a gift!

    xx Karola xx

  14. Oh Lorraine! I have tears flowing down my face! What a lovely gift. Losing a child is the worst pain in the world, good friends make it easier to bare.

  15. Fabulous is an understatement of the image. How beautiful it is to be given such a gift as a remembrance. - Jim

  16. Oh what a treasure, Lorraine! Leanne's angel is breathtakingly beautiful. What a labor of love and heartfelt gift. Mitzi is truly one of a kind. xxD


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