Sunday, 16 August 2015

My Gorgeous Gift

My Gorgeous Gift

Hi everyone, I hope that you're all having a wonderful weekend. I've been 
busy re-decorating the main bedroom this past week, I've wanted to do it for some time now 
but wanted to wait until now when the weather's fine. I bought a Toile de Jouy Bedspread 
a little while ago now and thought that I would use this French Country theme for my 
bedroom. When the decorating is finished I'm going to try my hand at up-doing my pine 
bedroom furniture with Chalk Paint and Wax, I've never done this so I'm keeping my 
fingers crossed that it turns out ok.

I haven't got a card to share with you all today but I do have something to share with you all. 
A stunning Orgone Pendant from my very dear friend Mitzi Sato-Wiuff. A little while ago, 
Mitzi told me that she was sending me a gift to help raise my spirits after I'd been feeling so down recently, she also gave me the tracking number so that I could 
track it's journey across the pond. To say that I was excited would have been a bit of an 
understatement lol, As the days passed my excitement grew, but when my beautiful gift 
finally arrived and I carefully opened the package, I was completely bowled over by what 
was inside, a stunning Orgone Pendant which contained Rose Quartz and Amethyst 
along with lots of other precious stones and metals that Mitzi had commissioned someone 
to make for me and a beautiful letter from her too. Thank you Mitzi for my beautiful and 
very thoughtful gift, I shall treasure it always just as I do our friendship, I'm so blessed to 
have a friend like you.

I also have some exciting news to tell you all in the next few days, I would tell you now 
but it's top secret at the moment and very hush, hush lol, so be sure to pop back and check
 out my blog over the next few days to see what my news is won't you.

Huge Hugz


  1. what a gorgeous gift you have resieved Lorraine.
    Gr Karin

  2. I hope the Orgone pendant continues to bring you peace & tranquility, health, and joy, Lorraine. You've been such a wonderful friend to me. It had to be something extra special.

    Dave at Auradora Design is a fantastic artist to work with. Gift like this is such a joy because, by nature of a "gift commission", it 'gives' happiness to 3 people - the gifter, the giftee, and the gift maker. ^_^

    Big hugs,
    Mitzi xxx

  3. Oh Loraine how gorgeous that is ENJOY....................Lis

  4. How lovely Lorraine! What a kind gesture. I hope it cheers you up every time you look at it & wear it!
    Dawn xx

  5. That is one beautiful gift! Just exquisite and so nice of your friend Karen x

  6. Oh WOW this is gorgeous and from such a lovely lady too. I too have a very good friend who lives across the pond who I treasure too. Enjoy my dear friend and hope it lifts your spirits.
    Huge Hugs
    Linda xxx

  7. That is truly a beautiful gift to be treasured forever.
    I have one of those pieces, too. Mine sits in my work space for creativity and focus.
    Hmm, my mojo isn't what it used to be. I think it needs to be charged in the next full moon....
    Big hugs,


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